Bath Pride is a registered charity. Everything we do is aimed towards bringing the local LGBT+ community through events and campaigns.
Support us
We are a charity, and require the support of people to volunteer and donate to enable us to function. Find out how you can support us to continue our work and make Bath a more inclusive and accepting city.
As a registered charity, we exist to undertake our charitable objects. Find out about our constitution, policies, and frameworks that exist to enable us to undertake our work.
Our Team
Bath Pride is run by local LGBT+ people who volunteer their time to bring you Bath Pride. Find out about our Trustee Board and Organising Committee.
Our Values
Everything we do is guided by our values: Affirming, Transparent, Justice, Grassroots, Vibrant, and Safe. Find out how we define our values in practice.

If you have any questions or queries, please email Remember that we are all volunteers so it may take some time to get back to you, but we will respond as quickly as we can.
If you are looking for press or media assets, we have a selection of marketing assets, images for colour and logos available for use.
Some icons on this website are by Smashicons, Hadi Davodpour from Noun Project and uxwing, and are used under Creative Commons licenses.