Interview with Daisy and Bean
Welcome to Daisy and Bean, a queer cafe that’s quickly become a beloved spot in Bath since it opened in April 2023. With its cosy atmosphere, mouth-watering brunches, pastries, and top-notch coffee, Daisy and Bean is more than just a place to eat - it's a welcoming haven for everyone.
Molly and Emily, co-owners of Daisy and Bean, smiling in the brightly lit interior of the cafe.
We had a chat with Molly Ridley, the baker and co-owner of Daisy and Bean (she/her), to talk about what Pride means to them and the Bath community. Read on hear Molly’s thoughts on celebrating diversity, fostering inclusivity, and why Pride is so important, both in their cafe and beyond.

What inspired you to start your business in Bath?

Bath is our home, and we were acutely aware of the discomfort we felt walking around Bath as a queer couple. It was important to us that we opened Daisy & Bean in a place that needed Daisy & Bean. We weren’t interested in making our lives easy, we wanted to make a real difference in a city that needed more queer spaces.. We are here to give queer and especially trans and non-binary people a space to breath, relax and see others like them. A space where they know the staff will protect and stand up for them.

What does Bath Pride mean to you and your team?

The Daisy and Bean team in the doorway to the cafe.
It is so exciting that Bath is having its first Pride and I think it shows just how far Bath has come. This is a big step towards Bath becoming a friendlier place for queer people. For us, celebrating Pride in Bath is really about creating a space for queer people to be seen the whole year round. We have to deal with queerphobia regularly as is the nature of our business, and Bath Pride offers a larger platform to stand up for queer, trans and nonbinary people.

Can you share a memorable moment or story from your journey as a queer business owner?

We love how our café opens up discourses with people about everything queer. Our gender-affirming care donation jar often sparks conversation and offers us an opportunity to educate where necessary. But the most joyful moments come from where we see someone realise the safety of our space. The way we see people relax and feel completely at ease is unforgettable and magical.

What message do you have for the community during Bath Pride?

Pride is a wonderful time, and it is fantastic to see so many businesses and groups celebrating queerness throughout June. We must be mindful however of the fact that queerness is not a one month only thing. Showing love, kindness and generosity to the queer community is something that should be happening all year round. It should go without saying that pride is a celebration of all our minorities and a demonstration of respect for the battles each individual has had to face in order to be who they were meant to be.

Are you offering any special deals or events during Bath Pride?

We continuously hold events for the queer community all year round. Check out our website for details of the events we are holding.
Visit Daisy and Bean at 35 Gay St, Bath, or follow on Instagram at @daisyandbeanbath