Support Us
Bath Pride can only operate with the support from our local community. If you are able to, we would appreciate your time or money to help us make Bath a more inclusive and welcoming city for the LGBT+ community.


We are looking for volunteers to help us with Bath’s first pride event. We are looking for volunteers to help with the different aspects of Bath Pride. Specifically, we will need support for stewards for our planned pride march, and for people to help out during our picnic. We will provide full training to all our volunteers.
Volunteers will be helping us with the following:
  • Be stewards for the Pride March, helping to steer the march along the route, answer questions, and be a visible presence to attendees.
  • Helpers at the picnic, including helping and cleaning up the event, manage stalls, and collecting donations for Bath Pride.
We want volunteering at Bath Pride to be a positive experience for everyone involved. The above activities are there to provide a guide to what we may need help with, and we will only ask you to do things that you are comfortable with and signed up for, and we will always include any accessibility requirements you may have.
If you wish to sign up to be a volunteer please complete this sign up form.

Donate to Bath Pride

Running a charity and organising events costs money, and we rely on donations from our local community. By supporting us, you will be helping us to deliver events, help us keep events free and accessible to all, and will enable our charity to function.
We believe that pride is first and foremost, a protest. We have built Bath Pride to be focused around the LGBT+ community, bringing people together to further LGBT+ equality in Bath. Because of this, we don't offer sponsorship packages or take donations from big corporate donors, which means we don't have the same income streams that most other pride events have. This means we are operating on a much tighter budget, so any support you can offer us would be appreciated.

Individual Donations

If you want to, and are able to, donate money to us you can do so by following this link.

Corporate Donations

Although we don't rely on big corporate donations, we understand and welcome the many local businesses in Bath who may wish to support our charity and help deliver Pride. If you are an organisation who wants to donate to our charity, you can do so by emailing it to to discuss this with you, and we will provide a form for you to complete. All corporate donations will be reviewed by our trustee board and we will discuss with you how you can support us.
Because we are not offering traditional corporate sponsorships, we have decided not to have thresholds for how much companies should donate. Instead, we will accept donations big and small, and regardless of the amount donated we will offer the same to all. Any company that donates to us will be listed on our website and we will post about donations on our socials.
For any corporate donation, we ask that companies that donate to us demonstrate that they 
  • are committed to LGBT+ equality,
  • are a supportive and inclusive organisation,
  • are local or have a significant presence in Bath or its surrounding locations. 
If you have any questions, and wish to discuss this further please contact